Craftsmanship Behind The Suits

From Concept to Reality

Beginning with an awareness of the evolving needs of people to go from where they are to where they want to be, we ask, "Do they crave for courage? For discipline? Endurance?”

We then course these traits and needs through the mandates of science and spirituality & come up with a garment that makes the wearer courageous. Or disciplined. Or enduring. We make these traits come alive through workwear; through the fabric, construction, phrase inscriptions, and other elements alike.

It is ÀMEN's vision to serve as a guide in developing people to become the highest self they can be. We aim to provide a tangible path towards your dream.

The Art of Fine Tuning

Leading the charge to fine-tuning, ÀMEN believes in the significance of attention to detail. Like how just a grain of sand added onto a scale can change the balance of it, we know that the smallest difference can make a large impact. It is in the smallest of things that tips the balance between success and failure.

Intelligently formed from 56 individual pieces

Intelligently formed from 56 individual pieces, with honed attention ensuring a delicate balance between structure and stretch, the ÀMEN suit is constructed in a way that molds and moves with its wearer. The suits are a reflection of how one’s mind ought to be – unrestricted and flowing with ideas.

The stitches meet microscopic perfection. 

The stitches are made sure to be at 0.3mm in length and 0.05mm in spacing to meet sartorial supremacy and microscopic perfection. ÀMEN leaves no stone unturned. Each personalized trim, the initial embroideries and engraved buttons – down to the details invisible to the eye – are all crafted to the highest bespoke standard. AMEN is intolerant of errors even in the subtlest minutiae. We believe in being gracious and forgiving but not with what we present to the ambitious few.

Science Behind AeroFiber©

ÀMEN’s innovative AeroFiber© fabric was created to be adaptive; be it in cold or warm environments – the suit adapts to keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature.

In the heat, AeroTech® pushes sweat upwards through the capillaries and allows it to go up the surface to evaporate – leaving the wearer dry and non-humid. In the cold, moisture goes out through vents allowing it to evaporate off the interior layers.

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An Original Art Style

ÀMEN created its own art form - Architheism - as seen in the lining of the suits. The process and completion took months because each suit represents a paradigm (e.g. courage, resilience, discipline), every color, every stroke, every word were thoughtfully handpicked to serve the objective of the paradigm.

If the objective is to empower the wearer of her uniqueness, the color was handpicked to be atypical, the words motherly, and the strokes nonconforming.

If the objective is for resilience, the color psychology is restful, the words stern, and the strokes steady.

Because ÀMEN wants the art to serve its purpose, the designers made sure to fine tune all the microscopic details of the illustration so much so a single look refreshes the perspective – and a thorough meditation creates a lasting impact.

Our illustrations are hand-drawn by Vitochipz, a grade A genius. It took him about a month to complete one drawing.

Meet The Artisans

Meet Rolly

our exceptional pattern maker.

He meticulously maps out every detail of the garment. He places where the buttons are most convenient for the wearer, he ensures that the movement points are flawlessly engineered for unrestricted comfort, and he decides how sleek and confident the shoulders would look. With his expertise, each garment not only looks stunning but also aligns seamlessly with the intended theme and evokes the desired emotional connection. Rolly's skillful touch transforms ideas into tangible masterpieces.

Meet Albert

our meticulous craftsman.

Behind the scenes, Albert undertakes the challenging task of cutting the fabric with precision and care, a task that requires expertise beyond what meets the eye. He flawlessly prepares the fabric, ensuring that each piece is meticulously cut to perfection.

Meet Rey

our seasoned master sewer with over 30 years of experience.

A true artisan of his craft, Rey sets the bar high when it comes to stitching quality. He ensures that every stitch is impeccable and every garment is crafted to perfection.