Custom Power Suits That Drive You To Achieve Your Unique Career Goals

Do you crave for courage? For discipline? Endurance? Which will take you closer to your goal?

Whatever it is, we make these traits come alive through workwear.

We’ve taken care of science and innovation to create a work performance that is efficient and result-producing for the wearer.

All you have to do is decide which accents, which customizable touch points, would take you closer to your goals.

Customize Your Suit Via Our Online Customization Studio

How Customization Works

Science & Innovation Meets Workwear

Temperature Regulating

Our innovative AeroFiber Technology was created to be adaptive; be it in cold or warm environments – the suit adapts to keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature - thoughtfully designed so you stay unbothered and unstoppable, free to go about the agendas you have for the day.

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Words Of Encouragement Into Every Seam

This creative endeavor was no small feat – it took extensive dedication and meticulous craftsmanship to seamlessly integrate these intricate designs with the garment construction. But we pushed the boundaries because we believe in crafting a garment that becomes a constant source of inspiration.

With the words of encouragement populated throughout the illustration, the suit becomes your steadfast companion, whispering inspiration whenever you need it most.

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Engraved Cuff Buttons

Choose your own engraved cuff button. According to psychosomatic scientists, the wrist, exactly where the positioning of the cuff buttons are, is a consolation zone. The engravings are thoughtfully situated on the wrist so as to uplift anytime of day should frustrations and mishaps come.

Jetted Inner Pockets

Our suits are produced with the intent of having a space for your daily needs with jetted inner pockets that are customized to hold whatever you’ll need throughout the day

Free Motion Construction

Our silhouettes and fabric move with you. It is non restricting and has six way stretch – crafted with honed attention to movement pointsWe believe that the suits are a reflection of how your mind ought to be – unrestricted and flowing with ideas.

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Say ÀMEN to Your Dreams

At AMEN, we chose our name deliberately. AMEN means "yes" or "please let it be as we have prayed."

God has placed in each of us a unique dream that will make the world around us better -- a dream only we can fulfill. And in order to fulfill that dream, we believe it is essential to not put God in a box & limit what He can do in our lives.

With Him, a life of fulfilled dreams, permanent healing & joy, and difference making is not just a possibility but an achievable reality.

It’s about time you say "AMEN" to your dreams.

Note: AMEN is aware that religion is a topic that most veer away from, and it is something AMEN, under no circumstances, has no intention to force on anyone. The spiritual ideologies that have become foundational to AMEN isn’t one of condemnation, hypocrisy, and self righteousness. But rather we are rooted in love, goodness, and healing.

It takes about 34 hours to construct one single suit.

The stitches are made sure to be at 0.3mm in length and 0.05mm in spacing to meet microscopic perfection.

ÀMEN’s quest for excellence has led them to source the finest materials and details for the Custom Suits, standing in parallel with the most exquisite tailoring traditions worldwide.

At ÀMEN, we've gone the extra mile to create garments of the highest standard, thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time. We want our suits to be more than just clothing; they are enduring companions on your journey, witnessing your milestones and empowering you through every success.

A Demicentennial Heritage

AMEN represents a collective spanning 50 years in the industry of craftsmanship and masterful tailoring. Three generations of knowledge and application have gone into the Power Suits. Experience the heritage and homage with every piece.

Our Heritage

Taking Impact Further

Sustainable Fibers

A woman’s heart has always been compassionate, empathetic for others, animals, and our Earth. The ÀMEN suits were weave the world’s leading, recycled, and environmentally conscious fiber, Repreve®, into our technology.

Repreve® is traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable.

Sending Women To School

AMEN takes social impact seriously. We believe that success is not so much a means to increase our standard of living but more so a window to increase our standard of giving. It is only when we are truly filled, will we be able to impact change and overflow.

We are made to change the world. Which is why AMEN sends young high school graduates to college – an alignment to AMEN’s vision of bringing people closer to their goals.