Science Behind The Suits

AeroFiber©: The Fabric That Regulates Your Temperature 

ÀMEN’s innovative AeroFiber© fabric was created to be adaptive; be it in cold or warm environments – the suit adapts to keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature - thoughtfully designed so you stay unbothered and unstoppable, free to go about the agendas you have for the day.

AeroFiber© is moisture wicking. The technology in the yarn structure creates a Catch-Move-Release™ superior moisture management system. It catches moisture, moves it outwards, and releases it.

How it works: Moisture wicking fibers are designed with hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers to pull moisture away from your skin and move it to the outer layer of a garment to spread and dry.

In the heat, AeroFiber© pushes sweat upwards through the capillaries and allows it to go up the surface to evaporate – leaving the wearer dry and non-humid.

On the other hand, moisture is the kiss of death on a cold day, whether it’s from rain or perspiration. And again with AeroFiber© 's moisture management system, moisture goes out through vents allowing it to evaporate off the interior layers.

How It Works

The hydrophillic (water-absorbing) properties of AeroFiber© are on the top layer of the fabric. And the hydrophobic (water-resistant) properties are on the bottom. The top, hydrophillic layer pulls moisture away from the body to the surface, like a magnet, to evaporate faster. And you remain feeling dry and comfortable because the bottom hydrophobic layer, the layer that touches your skin, repels water.

After pulling moisture away from the skin, it spreads it over a larger surface area to dry faster.

AeroFiber© uses a pique knit, which has small holes next to skin and larger holes on the surface. This structure pulls moisture to the surface, a process called capillary action.

AeroFiber© Boosts Productivity

Effect on productivity and ambition Clinical studies and research through the decades ascertain how environmental variables and thermal comfort influence productivity. It is essential that we keep at a neutral temperature to ensure productivity and focus, which is why AMEN Power Suits are temperature regulating.

In a study by Meese et al. (1982), 600 subjects were randomly assigned to work for 6.5 hours in cold conditions. Performance involving finger strength and speed, manual dexterity, hand steadiness, and a variety of well-practiced manipulative skills were found to decline monotonically with room temperature below thermal neutrality.

Easterbrook (1959) had already summarized a great deal of evidence for the effects of heat on mental performance, showing that heat leads to reduced breadth of attention.

Essentially, warmth lowers breadth of attention, exacerbates SBS symptoms, and has a negative effect on mental work. Cold conditions lower finger temperatures and so have a negative effect on manual dexterity.

Keeping at a stable and neutral environment is the way to go when it comes to focus and productivity – and this is what ÀMEN created their Power Suits to be; adaptive to temperature. AMEN’s integration of science to its philosophy of achievement & ambition moves the wearer closer to her goals – undistracted, eyes on the prize.

Free Motion Construction

Our silhouettes and fabric move with you. It is non restricting and has six way stretch – crafted with honed attention to movement pointsWe believe that the suits are a reflection of how your mind ought to be – unrestricted and flowing with ideas.

Non-creasing Finish

The non-creasing finish resists wrinkles and ensures a sharply polished appearance throughout the day, no matter how hectic your schedule may be.

Odor Resistant

Our suits feature the benefits of sportswear -- advanced odor resistance -- allowing you to stay fresh, even when running in between meetings and cities.