Advance to a leadership position
Earn a promotion
Get published as a creative

Cuff buttons engraved to align to your specific goals so you are reminded of your why; should frustrations come at any time of day


Every color, every stroke, every phrase on the art piece printed on the lining were thoughtfully handpicked to serve your specific ambitions

AMEN's Innovative
AeroTech® Shell

Created to adapt to cold and warm environments & to be non-restricting in movement--so you stay unstoppable throughout the day


Jetted inner pockets produced with the intent of having a space to hold whatever you'll need throughout the day. A solution to minimize the time wasted in fumbling with your bag, looking for everything.

Social Impact

AMEN takes social impact seriously. We believe that success is not so much a means to increase our standard or living but more so a window to increase our standard of giving. It is only when we are truly filled, will we be able to impact change and overflow.

We are made to change the world. Whick is why AMEN sends young high school graduates to college - an alignment to AMEN's vision of bringing people closer to their goals.

Taking Your
Impact Further

Women Who Wear AMEN

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