Founder’s Story

I used to just go through the motions. I settled. And because I settled, I was unfulfilled — like an empty cup with nothing to pour.

I settled for a job I wasn’t passionate for. I settled for relationships that didn’t serve me. I settled with just okay, with mediocrity.

But I came across a line said by Jesus that changed my life forever, “I came so you may have life and have it in full.” A line that rings true not just for me — but for everyone who believes.

I started dreaming big dreams; to pray, yearn for, and create a life that makes me excited to wake up for — because I now know I was meant to live a life of abundance.

I dreamed of permanent healing from the past. I dreamed of leading a fashion company. I dreamed to eliminate unethical labor. I dreamed of expanding globally. I dreamed of sending young women to school out of an overflow of that fashion company. And lastly, I dreamed of aiding others live a full life themselves.

Through faith and science, I learned how to turn those dreams into reality, and it's too incredible not to share.

So ÀMEN was born.

We believe God has planted in us all a unique purpose only we can accomplish. And it is AMEN’s purpose to aid in bringing you there.

We do not sell a mere concept or perception; we strive to create clothes that go beyond fashion and confidence. 

Which is why we have developed a unique way of integrating science and spirituality into our craftsmanship to tangibly and effectively drive dreamers towards their aspirations in every facet of life — be it relationally, professionally, mentally, and emotionally. 

People often think that dreamers are unsatisfied, discontent, and only seek success for vanity. I beg to differ. I believe that those whose dreams get fulfilled are the ones who naturally overflow blessings into others.

That's our ultimate vision at ÀMEN: to be so fulfilled that our abundance naturally extends to those around us.


At AMEN, we chose our name deliberately. "Amen" means "yes" or "please let it be as we have prayed." For us, we believe God has placed in each of us a unique dream that will make the world around us better -- a dream only we can fulfill. 

And in order to fulfill that dream, we believe it is essential to not put God in a box & limit what He can do in our lives. 

With Him, a life of fulfilled dreams, permanent healing & joy, and difference making is not just a possibility but an achievable reality.

It is time to say ÀMEN to your dreams.