About us

ÀMEN is made for goal getters, for those who do not settle, and for those who are ready to put in the work to live the life they crave for.

At ÀMEN, we celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. Just as no two people are the same, we believe that each piece of our creation should be equally unique, unmatched, the only one of its kind.

We embed this philosophy of one to one into our craftsmanship. It has always been at the heart of ÀMEN.

But now, we want to go beyond fashion, confidence, and craftsmanship. We want to revolutionize clothing in such a way that the power it holds is now long term and more tangible than ever.

We want people to be transformed whether in and out of the pieces. A tool made to aid you in closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

We do this through SCIENCE & Innovation

Integrated with science and innovation, our clothing functions are researched and tested to create a work performance that is efficient and result-producing for the wearer. We have sought to solve most garment nuances to make you completely unstoppable as you go about your day. Sweat, garment wrinkles, and restricting discomfort all melt away in the face of our cutting edge technology.

We do this through SPIRITUALITY

Contrary to popular belief, we believe science and spirituality go hand in hand. Take away spirituality, we’re left with coldness. Take away science, we’re left with intangibility. AMEN combines the best of both worlds and integrates it into their craftsmanship and ethos. Spirituality is the arena responsible for love, growth, purpose, and moral values. Without it, we’re left with no North Star — cold and brutal.

Spirituality guides and fuels

AMEN serves to direct you towards your purpose.

When you know your purpose, it serves as a guide. It gives you a direction to move.

Oftentimes, we allow life to dictate where we’re going as opposed to controlling how we want our lives to be. Life is what we make it. Every decision ought to be intentional, each one allowing us to move closer towards the purpose we serve.

Spirituality heals

AMEN serves to heal. When any insecurity or past trauma are left unattended, they can become a barrier to attaining the full life God intends for us to live. His love fills.

Spirituality nourishes

AMEN serves to feed.

One overflows with what they are filled with. It is a law of nature for our internal state to leak outwards.

What do we feed our souls? Do we feed on corrupted ideologies or do we feed on life giving truths.

What comes in must come out.

Spirituality guides in ethics

AMEN serves as a North Star.

The world doesn’t need more big dreamers with corrupted morals.

AMEN derives its principles from the teachings and the life of Jesus Christ. Non-religious scholars from all over the world verify that his teachings and example overturned century old beliefs that aim to oppress and depress.

According to non-Biblical accounts in archeology and history, Jesus Christ is a pioneer of women empowerment, Jesus Christ brought healing to those who were suffering mentally and physically, and Jesus Christ revolutionized what it meant to truly love one another in a generation where “an eye for an eye” was the norm.

AMEN is aware that religion is a topic that most veer away from, and it is something AMEN, under no circumstances, has no intention to force on anyone. The spiritual ideologies that have become foundational to AMEN isn’t one of condemnation, hypocrisy, and self righteousness.

All in all, whether you are into spirituality or not, God intends for us to live a life that is full – a life so full it overflows in blessing to other people. This is AMEN’s dream too (This is also the reason why we chose this brand name) – that each of our customers would reach that full life in relationships, career, personal growth, mental & physical health, and holistic wellbeing. Because it is only when we’re full will we be able to pour our cups to others. It is only when we are full will we be able to make a difference.