Meet The Moguls

Meet Rolly

our exceptional pattern maker.

He meticulously maps out every detail of the garment. He places where the buttons are most convenient for the wearer, he ensures that the movement points are flawlessly engineered for unrestricted comfort, and he decides how sleek and confident the shoulders would look. With his expertise, each garment not only looks stunning but also aligns seamlessly with the intended theme and evokes the desired emotional connection. Rolly's skillful touch transforms ideas into tangible masterpieces.

Meet Albert

our meticulous craftsman.

Behind the scenes, Albert undertakes the challenging task of cutting the fabric with precision and care, a task that requires expertise beyond what meets the eye. He flawlessly prepares the fabric, ensuring that each piece is meticulously cut to perfection.

Meet Rey

our seasoned master sewer with over 30 years of experience.

A true artisan of his craft, Rey sets the bar high when it comes to stitching quality. He ensures that every stitch is impeccable and every garment is crafted to perfection.