Make your dream suit come to life!

You have the power to curate a suit that not only reflects your unique style but also serves as a powerful tool to excel in your aspirations and drive you towards your goals. Visualize yourself wearing the suit and choose the accents that best serve your goals -- knowing that your customized suit will be a symbol of your confidence, success, and limitless potential.

Select a goal you want to attain in the next 5 years

Choose a maximum of three.

Find your perfect fit

Getting you the perfect size is our top priority -- that is why we encourage you to measure yourself – to ensure we provide you with the best fit.

Measuring doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just follow the easy, simple guidelines as instructed.

Our customization service is designed to match your measurements to our carefully crafted, pre-constructed garments.

If you are having a hard time measuring yourself, please do message us in the chat box down below & our specialist will guide in you momentarily.
Measurement Guide


Wrap your measuring tape around the back over your shoulder blades, under the armpits, and across the fullest part of the bust


Wrap your measuring material around the smallest part of your tummy, around the part where your tummy naturally curves.


Measure the space between the tips of your shoulders. The tape measure is not straight during this measurement. It must bend at a gentle curve along with your shoulders.


Measure from the edge of your shoulders down to just below your wrist

Measurement Guide

BUST 77 - 78 CM

Pick your engraved cuff buttons

Choose three. The cuff buttons are inscribed with phrases that are guaranteed to motivate should frustrations come. According to cognitive scientists, when frustrated, people naturally hunch down into a ball-like position, with hands slumped on the forehead. The buttons are thoughtfully situated at eye level so as to serve as a reminder to persevere.

Make A Difference

For the changebringer whose impact creates a chain reaction of people doing good

Shine Your Light

For the non-conformist who doesn’t follow the crowd and blazes a path never before traveled

Walk on water

For the miracle magnet who attempts to do the impossible because she knows wonders lie on the other side of taking the first step

Love Without Limits

For the kindly mademoiselle whose love overflows from a love inside her that won’t run out

Ask and Receive

For the mountain mover who turns no’s into yeses, who stops at nothing to win, and who goes after big dreams.

Write down your initials or any phrase to be embroidered on cuffs

— maximum of 6 letters.

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Designed for the woman who makes things happen

Your Ambition is to...

This is how the AMEN Power Suits will drive you towards making those goals come to life.

Cuff buttons engraved to align to your specific goals so you are reminded of your why; should frustrations come at any time of day


Every color, every stroke, every phrase on the art piece printed on the lining were thoughtfully handpicked to serve your specific ambitions

AMEN's Innovative
AeroTech® Shell

Created to adapt to cold and warm environments & to be non-restricting in movement--so you stay unstoppable throughout the day


Jetted inner pockets produced with the intent of having a space to hold whatever you'll need throughout the day. A solution to minimize the time wasted in fumbling with your bag, looking for everything.

It takes 32 hours to craft a single suit.

The stitches are made sure to be at 0.3mm in length and 0.05mm in spacing to meet sartorial supremacy and microscopic perfection. ÀMEN leaves no stone unturned.

Each personalized trim, the initial embroideries and engraved buttons – down to the details invisible to the eye – are all crafted to the highest bespoke standard. AMEN is intolerant of errors even in the subtlest minutiae.

We believe in being gracious and forgiving but not with what we present to the ambitious few.

AMEN takes social impact seriously. We believe that success is not so much a means to increase our standard of living but more so a windows to increase our standard of giving. It is only when we are truly filled, wil we be able to impact change and overflow.


The AMEN suits were weave the world's leading, recycles, and environmentally conscious fiber, RepreveⓇ, into teachnology.

RepreveⓇ is traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable.

Taking Your Impact Further

Unboxing An ÀMEN Power Suit

Each suit includes an ÀMEN hanger carved from richly grained timber & an AMEN coat bag designed to shield against dust and water.

Hey Reich , this is your custom Power Suit! A piece that is uniquely yours, and you are the only person in this whole earth that have it.

Your Size









Your Cuff Buttons

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the buttons, with its engravings, are purposefully situated on the wrist so as to uplift anytime of day should frustrations and mishaps come.
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Your Initials Are

Your Ensemble

Your suit includes an ÀMEN hanger carved from richly grained timber & an AMEN coat bag designed to shield against dust and water.

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