First Generation – Hard Work Entails A Strong Why

In the 1970s, Juliana opened a modest dress shop in a bustling alley, starting with garment repairs. Struggling to gain traction, she took a leap of faith, shifting to crafting couture formalwear. This risky move paid off as orders flooded in -- pushing her team of thirty to work tirelessly from dawn till midnight.

The shop's reputation soared, transforming Juliana's venture into a sought-after atelier. While exhaustion loomed, her determination remained unshaken.

Burnout was out of the equation for her. She felt exhausted, yes. But it was her vision of providing for her family of seven & her love for the craft that kept her going.

Every time she felt fatigued, she would rest and she would remind herself why she was doing what she was doing in the first place.

Later on, her daughter worked in the atelier as she balanced her studies. She eventually developed a strong passion for garment making herself — which led her to take after her mom but only with bigger dreams set in her sights.

Second Generation – Dreaming Big Entails The Pursuit Of Growth

Facing even greater odds, the struggles and obstacles extended to the second generation, as they pursued the American dream upon immigrating to the United States. Armed with determination, they embarked on this new chapter with only $2,000 to their name.

Yet, adversity struck again in the form of the Kuwait-Iraq war, a rise in fast fashion, language barriers, and a host of other challenges.

They took what was given to them and made the best of any situation they encountered. Nothing – not even the thought of how unfair life was being could hold them back.

They then went on a continuous pursuit of knowledge and mastery in the garments industry. This allowed them to stand out from competitors -- they became the best of the best.

Starting from a meager $2,000, they defied the odds to realize their seemingly unattainable dreams. Their achievements encompassed serving an esteemed global clientele, establishing a permanent home, supporting their family in a developing nation, and positively impacting the lives of their employees.

Third Generation – Relentless Growth Entails Humility

Despite inheriting a solid legacy, the present successors confronted the challenges posed by the ever-evolving modern landscape, grappling with the question, "How can we distinguish ourselves in an oversaturated market?"

The Fashion Industry was often dismissed as stagnant, with industry pioneers suggesting that innovation was exhausted, leaving no room for novelty.

But with a blazing desire to leave an impact in the world, they asked themselves the hard questions.

"What are we doing wrong?"

"What are people's needs and what should we do to fill it?"

"Should we start over?"

The team behind AMEN failed -- but failed forward. They failed and tried again.

In the present day, ÀMEN stands as the first in crafting custom power suits for women globally -- the first in designing a garment designed for tangible transformation -- breaking new ground in combining fashion, science, and spirituality to drive personal aspirations.